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We're Cheap.  Our only mission on the Internet is to help people get quality web hosting for the lowest price possible.  But not in Walmart sort of way.  We have (a) soul.  We operate as a webhosting cooperative.  The more users we get, the better deals we can get, and the lower your pricing gets.  Pretty sweet, huh?

Our Plans range from:


Basic account, 100M of disk and 1000M of transfer see plans Full-blown, no-holds-barred unlimited everything account


We're Green.  If top-quality, locally-owned, low-cost web hosting isn't enough for you, perhaps you'd be interested to know that we're ecologically responsible too.  Our hosting facilities purchase credits to offset our carbon footprint.  Not only do we offset our footprint, but we exceed it.  So every plan we sell literally makes the world a better place.  Man, that feels great to type.

We're Awesome.  Sure, we started to help musicians, but we also host businesses, individuals, bands, artists and more.  We'd love to help you out too.  

We're Humble.  By all means, look around.  We don't think you'll find a better deal anywhere.  Maybe cheaper, but not a better deal.